• Protect Your Video Doorbell From Rain
  • Easy To Mount
    Pre Drilled Holes
    Weather Resistant

key features of Doorbell Box®

Easy to Mount

Allows you to easily mount your RING Video Doorbell or any other video doorbell to clapboard siding or any other surface inside a clear plastic protective housing.

Pre-drilled Holes

Comes with pre-drilled holes for easy mounting of the Ring Video Doorbell and also works for the SkyBell Wi-Fi Doorbell, Zmodo, VTech and others.

Weather Resistant

Your video doorbell is not completely weatherproof. Unless you live in a sunny climate where it never snows and almost never rains, your video doorbell will eventually fail. Severe weather is the number one cause of failure.

Rain/Snow Protection

Doorbell Box® helps protect your video doorbell from driving rain and blizzard snow storms.

About Doorbell Box®


It is a clear plastic box with pre-drilled mounting holes in the back. That's all it is. It's clear so the camera has a view through the plastic, and it's solid, so it can be securely mounted anywhere, preferably using the existing door bell wiring. Although open in the front, it encases the doorbell on 5 sides to protect it from the elements, especially in the back where it is most susceptible to moisture damage.


It is virtually impossible to mount your video doorbell on clapboard siding or any other irregular surface without a mounting platform that the Doorbell Box® provides. Protect your video doorbell investment with this clear plastic housing. The pre-drilled holes make it a cinch to mount the Ring Video Doorbell, and the Doorbell Box® can also be adapted to the SkyBell Wi-Fi Doorbell, Zmodo, VTech and others.


The Doorbell Box® housing provides a clear 180 degree view of the entire video camera range. Watch the videos to see how it protects your video doorbell investment and still provides an unobstructive view:

Video Examples